7-year-old Yu Zicheng 2 kyu.

The congress experience has so much fun to offer but especially for first-time visitors it may also seem a little stressful or even frightening. So many people in one place! Where do I go? What to do?

We can all find some inspiration in little Yu Zicheng from China, a carefree 7-year-old (almost 8!) with a tiny smile that never seems to leave her face. Yesterday at the start of round 1 of the European Open, Zicheng got a little lost and could not find her opponent. She didn’t cry or start to panic. Instead, she simply found another child around her age and challenged him.

Their game ended up being rather one-sided as Zicheng ate many, many of her opponent’s stones. It was only until the very end that they realised their mistake… the two players had a 28 level rank difference: 30 kyu vs. 2 kyu

But the result was official anyway! Let us all be as outgoing and as fearless as Yu Zicheng and her opponent Jung Geon. Please try to find your correct opponent either from the wall lists at the Great Hall or online at the Events page for each tournament.

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