Do Eunkyo, 1-dan professional from Korea sat down with me for an interview to discuss the EGC.

Due to my 30k organizational skills the recording got lost, but she was kind enough to still mail in answers to some questions afterwards. Thank you, Do!

Here’s what she had to say:

Jeremy Kaiser: What’s your profession?

Do Eunkyo: I am a 1D Professional from South Korea. I am also new Go teacher who started the English YouTube channel “Go Inside” last year and is currently working hard to develop it.

JK: When and how did you start playing Go?

DE: Like most Korean pros do, from my parents. When I was 10. I think it was just nice to hear that I was good at it, I didn’t know that an inseparable bond with Go would begin from then on.

JK: What interests do you have besides Go?

DE: I like swimming, playing guitar, table tennis. I am also interested in all things artistic. For example photography, make-up, fashion, etc.

JK: What’s your style of Go?

DE: I pursue a harmonious game of Go. I prefer simple variations to complicated ones and I highly value the natural flow of stones, but my games don’t always go like I expected them to.

JK: What can you tell us about the Korean Go community? Are lots of kids interested in playing Go?

DE: To be honest, the popularity of professional Go is not the same as it used to be. As in Japan, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find sponsors for professional tournaments in Korea. But since AlphaGo, the educational value of Go has increased in the public perception. Many parents are positive about teaching Go before their kids get into school.

Q: What was your experience of the EGC so far?

Do:  The most impressive thing is that it is not just a Go tournament, but a Go festival. For example, in Korea we also have tournament where there will be a ceremony at the end, where the winners receive their prize. However, only the people who go on the stage stay for the ceremony – everyone else just goes home. On the other hand, at EGC all the participants keep their seats and enjoy the ceremony itself. Similarly, people aren’t here just to win.

The nearby beach, which can be reached here on foot, is like a paradise where you can forget all your worries in the world.

Q: Do you think the Go community should become more diverse and inclusive?

Do: I think the Go community is already inclusive enough. Just as all stones are equal on the board, the moment you sit in front of the board, everyone is equal regardless of gender or age. Anyone can become a winner, if they have even half a point more!

Q: What are your goals for the future?

Do: I want to be a great teacher until the day Go becomes as popular as chess in the West! To that end, I hope to continue to grow my YouTube channel, reach more people, and write some good books.

Q: Do you have a message for your fans?

Do: Because you are there, I can exist. Love you all!

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