If you still have time between events and you want to play more games, we have a possibility for you. Register at the marathon tournaments and play and win as many games as you can with whomever you like. And win some cool prizes in the end.

* Rules: The 9×9 and 19×19 Marathon Go tournaments are a self-paired tournament with full handicap. The thinking time has to be agreed upon by the players. Each two players may report up to three Marathon games results. Prizes are awarded to the players with best performance. Results must be noted on specific logs on the marathon notice boards.
* Registration: enter your name into the pairing poster at the Info-Desk.
* Rounds: As many as you wish
* Starting times: everytime from Saturday 22th July 8 p.m.
* End: First week Sunday 30th July 5 p.m. and second week Saturday 5th August 4 p.m.
* Time Setting: you can agree with your opponent for any time settings, but this are our recommendations:

– 9×9 Marathon: Fischer Time with 10 min + 5 sec
– 19×19 Marathon: Fischer Time with 20 min + 10 sec

* Rooms: find your own space together with your opponent (e.g. under the trees on the school yard, on the beach or in a restaurant or hotel)