Not just for alcohol addicted 😉

* Rules: During each game, you can drink a beer to gain an extra point. Ranking is done by points gained and first tiebreaker after points is the progress score. (calculated like this: After each game, the points from drinking beer and points from winning games are added to your total score. So if you drink a beer and win in the first round, you have a progress score of 2. If you drink another beer and lose, your progress score is 2 + (2+1) = 5.
* Registration: until Tuesday 1st August 5:45 p.m. determined with a registration list on-site, round up
* Rounds: As many as you like and can
* Starting time: Tuesday 1st of August 6 p.m.
* Time Setting: Fischer Time 10 min + 5 sec
* Board size: 19×19
* Handicap: full handicap
* Komi: 6.5
* Place: at the beach bar

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