Rules: In Magnet Go (aka 1000V Go or Electric Go) after a stone is placed, it affects the nearest stone on the same line in each of the four directions:

* If the stone has the same color as the placed stone, it is moved away until it either bumps into another stone or the edge of the board.
* If it has the opposite color, the stone is moved next to the placed stone.

Stones are only removed from the board after the movement phase is over.

In the picture, the marked white stone has just been played. Thus, the black stone is attracted (orange arrow), the white stone is repelled (red arrow). The other stone is not moved, since it is not on the same line with the new stone.

* Starting time: Thursday, 3rd of August
There are two alternative dates to play Magnet Go, starting at 1pm and at 6pm.
Please register for only one of the dates.