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Party Night

Details to be confirmed! But rest assured, this will be full of surprises you don’t want to miss. Starting time: Sunday 30th July, 8 p.m. At the beach bar “Heiter, blau und wolkig”. How to get there By Foot By public transportation


This is a special kids tournament, organised from the EGF and to be held on Friday and Saturday before the EGC. Check out the homepage of the EGF for more information and to register: Rooms: big gym

Beach Volleyball Team Go

You want to play Go and Volleyball at the beach? Welcome! You will play as a team of 4 players. Two players will play Rengo on the board and the other two players will have a volleyball match against another team. With switching teams after …

Special Board Game Night

We all love playing at least one board game: Go! But of course there are more, and not only the classical ones. There have been many new inventions since Go. (You might have heard of Settlers of Catan, e.g.?) Since these board games are typical …

Pandanet Go European Team Championship #1

These are the final games of the Pandanet Go European Team Championship. The best 4 Teams from Europe play their last games to decide, which team will be the Pandanet Team Champion 2023. The games are played live on Friday and Saturday, before the EGC …