You want to play Go and Volleyball at the beach? Welcome! You will play as a team of 4 players. Two players will play Rengo on the board and the other two players will have a volleyball match against another team. With switching teams after 7 points. Rules and the day can change due to the number of participations and the weather conditions.

* Rules

– One Team consists of 6 players

– Two players start a Rengo game against another team

– The other 4 players play a volleyball match until the first volleyball team has 7 points

– Winning a volleyball round grants 5 points (or captured stones)

– 2 Volleyball players will switch with Rengo players after each round

– The team with more points in the end of the go game wins

– Pairings are free to choose

– Every win gives 2 team points and every draw gives 1 point. Best team after 4 rounds wins.

* Registration: until 26th July 10 a.m.
* Rounds: 4
* Starting Times: Wednesday 26th of July 10 a.m.
* Time settings: Fischer Time 15 min + 10 sec and pausing the clock during the switch
* Board: 13×13
* Handicap: none
* Komi: 7
* Location: Beach volleyball field at Cospudener See north beach
* Prizegiving: Sunday 30th July 6 p.m.